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In addition, the site offers comprehensive information on the world’s leading gold bullion coins.

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Industry Collection

The Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide

Custodian: Degussa Goldhandel GmbH - Germany

Recent Supplements & Updates

12/2014 Shandong Zhaojin (China)
Major manufacturer of gold bars for the Chinese market.

11/2014 Shanghai Gold Exchange (China)
An introduction to Shanghai Good Delivery gold ingots and bars.

10/2014 Rand Refinery (South Africa)
New range of minted gold investment bars.

09/2014 MMTC-PAMP (India)
The first refiner in India to issue London Good Delivery gold bars. Mints British gold sovereigns for the Indian market under licence from The Royal Mint.

08/2014 Metalor (Singapore)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

08/2014 Republic Metals (USA)
New manufacturer of London Good Delivery gold bars.

08/2014 Kilobar Compendium
A handbook on kilobars for the international gold market. Annual update.

07/2014 Gold Bullion Coins
Supplements on national bullion coins all updated to include 2013 sales/mintage statistics, broken down by size of coin.

05/2014 Degussa (Germany)
Gold bars for the European market.

05/2014 Relocation of Industry Collection
Degussa (Germany) is the new Custodian of The Industry Collection of Gold Bars Worldwide. See Press Release.

04/2014 Commerzbank (Germany)
Bank’s online service for gold investors.

04/2014 IKOI (Italy)
Modern machines to manufacture gold bars.

03/2014 Heraeus MultiCards
Contain small minted gold bars. Issued by Heraeus (Germany). Manufactured by Argor-Heraeus (Switzerland)

Gold Vending Machines
Gold ATMs that offer gold bars. An international initiative of Ex Oriente Lux AG (Germany).

An Introduction to the Indian Gold Market
GIR’s handbook, published in 2002, is now online. Listed in LBMA’s Bibliography of important books for the gold industry.